Setting a date

Before setting the exact date make sure:
  • You know all the necessary information up to date, for travelling to Rhodes from your area and book it on time.
  • Set your wedding date in the middle of you stay, thus making sure you have plenty of time to go over everything and making sure everything is planned correctly. You should also give time for your quests to arrive.
  • Once the date is set Start sending out your invitations. Make sure that you have enough time to send them via mail otherwise give them out by hand.
  • Make sure you get feedback from your quests that will be attending, thus being able to estimate the number of quests
  • Booking the Date: The sooner you book the date the better, because this way there will be available perfect time slots for the wedding ceremony location, and better prices for the accommodation. We need one working day to book your preferred wedding date with the town hall office.
  • Once you SET THE DATE we can start planning on all the other aspects depending on the sort of venue you are hoping for.
  • At this stage you have all aspects of planning covered and everything will be coming together for you. Concentrate on your dress, shoes, accessories, bridesmaids, grooms suit, wedding rings, and wedding gifts.


Wedding Abroad and traveling Insurance

A proposition with fees relatively small, for that extra peace of mind, knowing you are fully covered for any unforeseen mishaps that might occur. Pick a package that suits your specific needs and make sure you know exactly what you are covered for.


Time & Timing

According on the Month of the wedding we look in to the time of the sunset, because the camera captures gentle & romantic colors. Early in the day time can be too hot for you and too bright for the camera. Time after the wedding will be needed with the photographer for beautiful photos as the sun sets.


Why a wedding planner

Your wedding should be the most beautiful and happy day. There is only so much you can do on your own, even if the idea of planning a wedding yourself may seem appealing at first, it could end up to be a nerve wrecking experience and some people don’t have the time or the skills required to organize such an event.

A wedding planner is someone you put your trust in, to organize one of the most important days of your life, especially when dealing with the essential paperwork and legal requirements.

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